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“Imperial Oasis”

Imperial Oasis is a luxury casino-hotel located in a picturesque corner of Pakistan with amazing mountain and ocean views. Magnificent interior design, first class service and cozy rooms make it an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment.


  • Exclusive gaming areas with a wide selection of gambling games.
  • Sophisticated restaurants with world-class gourmet cuisine.
  • A luxurious spa with a wide range of treatments and services for relaxation and wellness.

“Royal Palace of Fortune”

The Royal Palace of Fortune is the true epitome of luxury. Located in a historic castle, this casino-hotel offers its guests a unique gaming experience in the luxurious atmosphere of an ancient palace.


  • Unique architecture and interiors that create an atmosphere of luxury and grandeur.
  • Wide range of entertainment activities including world-class shows and concerts.
  • Exquisite rooms and suites overlooking picturesque landscapes and gardens.
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“Treasure Oasis”

Oasis of Treasures is a casino-hotel inspired by mystery and adventure. Set in an exotic forest, this unique resort offers privacy, luxury and the of gaming.


  • Secluded location surrounded by nature, which creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.
  • A wide range of outdoor activities, including walking trails and swimming in the outdoor pool.
  • Exclusive lounges with a variety of games and high stakes.
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